Man in mirror checking face for acne

No one likes acne. No one likes looking at it, and no one likes being afflicted with it. Treating acne can be one of the most necessary tasks in a man’s life because a face full of acne can make things tough for a single guy. But fear not because there are treatments available, even without a prescription. These four acne face creams are specifically formulated for use by men, and they are the cure for the nasty pimples that are ailing you. They are among the best products out there, so use them in good health!

Acne Therapy Lotion by Men Science

MenScience acne therapy lotion.jpg

MENSCIENCE does great things when it comes to attending to the specific needs of men. Without a lot of gimmicks or dumb commercials, they’ve managed to cement themselves as one of the forerunners in the men’s health market. Their Acne Therapy Lotion is no exception. It offers both preventative and curative effects, and it also has a lotion that prevents the skin from drying out. This is a good first step in treating your acne troubles.

Acne Spot Repair by Men Science

MenScience acne spot repair

When you’re trying to treat a specific acne breakout spot, you need a good spot repair cream. Another fine product by MENSCIENCE, this cream can be used to target blemishes and aid in their reduction. It too features a moisturizing lotion, but it is best used for individual breakouts rather than as an all-over preventative cream. If you’ve already got some pimples, go with this face cream.



DDF’s gel features a more concentrated dose of the acne-fighting ingredient benzoyl peroxide. That means that this product is built for guys with more severe acne problems. The extra benzoyl peroxide could mean that the product irritates the skin, but luckily DDF thought of this and used moisturizing tea tree oil to help keep the problem at bay. Use this one to help keep acne under to control and to help prevent future breakouts.

Oxy 10 Balance Emergency Spot Treatment

oxy10 emergency acne cream

This is the nuclear bomb of over-the-counter acne treatments. At 10% benzoyl peroxide, Oxy10 is what you need to use in an emergency. If you have a hot date, but you suddenly find yourself the victim of a nasty spot of acne, then this is the cream for you. The maximum strength may not be good for sensitive skin, but for those who can take it, there’s not a better remedy to obliterate a pimple in a hurry.