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So you like going to weekend-long music festivals but you’re not necessarily a fan of hippies and over flowing port-a-potties. There are some jam bands that are associated solely with hippies (Phish), but there are some so-called jam bands even non-hippies can enjoy. Here’s a short list of the best jam bands that aren’t just for the hemp necklace wearing crowd. Tie-dyed T-shirt not required.

Dave Matthews Band

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Dave Matthews Band is considered a jam band because they are known for playing single songs that can run 20 minutes or more during shows, especially the song “#41”. You can’t just be popular with hippies when you’ve sold almost 40 million records and hundreds of sold out shows, but you’ll see a fair amount of them at a DMB show.

My Morning Jacket

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Although formed in 1998, My Morning Jacket has seen a surge in popularity within the last five years. My Morning Jacket has appeared on “The Late Show With David Letterman”, “Saturday Night Live” and even an episode of “American Dad.” Their 2008 set at the Bonnaroo music festival lasted more that three hours and featured original songs as well as covers by the likes of Motley Crue and The Velvet Underground. Kirk Hammett of Metallica and comedian Zach Galifinakis also appeared on stage.

The Allman Brothers Band

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Performing on and off for more than 40 years, The Allman Brothers Band has gone through tons of lineup changes, deaths, and other tragedies, but they are one of the best bands from the 1960s  that are still touring.  We recommend classic songs like “Jessica” and “Midnight Rider” The Allman Brothers Band has more of a southern rock/blues sound, but they are still considered a jam band because of their long sets.

The Black Crowes

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Even though lead singer Chris Robinson is mostly known as the guy who married and divorced Kate Hudson, his band The Black Crowes have an original southern rock sound unlike a lot of other jam bands.  Formed in 1989, The Black Crowes have released nine studio albums, four live albums and two compilations. They are perhaps one of the most hard rocking jam bands.