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When you were a kid, you thought the coolest jobs any man can have involved capes, masks, tights and damsels in distress; but just because you grew up does not mean you have to give up on achieving awesomeness. Some of the coolest jobs any man can have will make you feel like a superhero.

Bounty Hunter

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Maybe you wanted to be Officer Friendly when you grew up, but now you’re stuck in a cubicle, and the only law you get to enforce is the revised company sensitivity policy. Stop crying in your paperclip cup, because you can still fight for truth, justice and the American way with one of the coolest jobs any man can have: bounty hunting. As a bounty hunter, you get to drag bail “skips” (that’s bounty hunting slang for losers who skip bail) straight to jail, and in many states, you will simply need to apply for bail enforcement license and earn a certain number of apprentice hours.

Executive and VIP Protection

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Face it, being George Clooney is the coolest job, but you have to be realistic, so the next coolest job any man can have is protecting the man who is cooler than you. You will have to earn a security guard certification in your state, get some experience and network, network, network. Although ethics rules and contracts prevent you from spilling the beans to anyone and everyone, you still get the very real benefit of a puffed-up ego from knowing you can take a bullet for a starlet at Sundance or billionaire CEO traveling through Europe—and speaking of Europe, there might be travel, too, making this one of the coolest jobs ever.

Corporate Spy

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The CIA never recruited you, but you can still play the stuffed suit version of James Bond. A career in corporate espionage is one of the coolest jobs any man can have, especially because it comes with all the intrigue of government intelligence operations, but less economic risk than the big wigs at corporate headquarters ever experience. That’s because economic downturns force companies to snoop a little deeper into investments, so invest in this cool job and rake in the bucks, recessions be damned.

Video Game Tester

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Maybe that old football injury spelled the end of your superhero and spy dreams, but you can still play a virtual badass in video games—and get paid for it. This might just be the coolest job any many can have; playing video games all day long to save unsuspecting gamers and geeks from glitches before they hit the market. You will have to hustle, though, cool jobs like this one do not just appear in the paper. You must network and know how to sell your gaming skills.