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Whether you’re cheering on your favorite gridiron crew in the stands or on the couch, rocking some team gear is a must for any fan. The four coolest pieces of football team apparel will certainly show the world where your loyalty lies. You don’t have to be a die hard fan and get your team’s logo tattooed across your back, (that would be pretty awesome though) you can just wear the essentials that no football fan should be without.

Authentic Jerseys


We’ve all had those pipe dreams of playing on the field, being a part of the huddle and throwing that touchdown pass in the fourth quarter. Just because those dreams may have been popped way back when you played Pee-Wee football doesn’t mean you have to let them totally fade. An authentic jersey is the ultimate for any football fan. You can even customize it with your own name and number—or go the extra mile and fork out the dough for an authentic that’s also signed. Don’t get this confused with a replica, the authentic is the real deal. Sweat and blood not included.

Anything by Mitchell & Ness


It’s good to go back to your team’s roots and that’s exactly what Philadelphia-based sportswear company has been doing since 1904. The M&N collection ranges from old school jerseys, hats, jackets and womenswear.

Name & Number T-shirts

name number t-shirt

Name & Number T-shirts are an affordable way to show team spirit and who your favorite player is. Less expensive than a replica or authentic jersey, the name & number shirt won’t get you too upset if your favorite player changes teams two weeks after you purchased it.

Pull Over Hoodies 

pullover hoodie football

It may be hard to get your favorite broken in hoodie from your girlfriend back, but you can understand why she would want to steal it. Pull over hoodies are comfortable, are available in every team imaginable and can keep you warm on game day.