Royal families are often hounded by rumors of incest and inbreeding, which lead their offspring to grow up looking like Prince Charles. However, some members of this elite clan turn out beautiful and in doing so, immediately become some of the most alluring women on the planet. They have everything—money, wealth, fame—and just being alongside them affords the opportunity to wear a crown and place a monocle over your eye without being labeled a pompous ass. But who are the most appealing members of the royal families in the modern climate? Here are the four hottest royal women on the planet.

Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Married last year in the most lavish ceremony of the millennium, Kate may have been upstaged by her sister’s derriere, but she still managed to look utterly lavishing. Her calm and lovable demeanor makes her that much more appealing, yet you can just tell she would be a tiger in the bedroom. Even though they’ve made it to their first anniversary, here’s hoping that Will takes after his father and mother and that she’ll be back on the market soon.

princess charlotte

Princess Charlotte of Monaco. Princess Charlotte, granddaughter of Princess Grace Kelly, is fourth in line to the throne of Monaco. She is an established show jumper, a published writer and magazine editor, going to show that she has the brains to match her immense beauty: the entire package in more ways than one.

princess madeline

Princess Madeline of Sweden. The youngest of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s children was previously suited as royal bride for Prince William when they were both in their teens. However, we’re sure the pretty blonde Swede will have plenty of shoulders to cry on as she looks for her next possible suitor.

queen rania

Queen Rania of Jordan. Queen Rania is an elegant and sharp dresser with expensive tastes, who truly lives up to her reputation as a socialite. Since her marriage, she has highlighted several noteworthy and good causes, showing that she has a heart of gold underneath a dynamite body.