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Getting a good scare from a movie is as old as the invention of motion pictures themselves—remember how the Lumiere Brother’s footage of a train had audiences thinking it was going to run right over them through the screen? Yep, it scared them silly. And they loved it. However, we modern movie goers need a little more sex appeal. Enter the allure of a pretty girl in trouble. People like to think that they could protect these damsels in distress even though an axe-wielding maniac is in hot pursuit. You think you could take him and then get the girl, right? Over the years there have been a plethora of beautiful girls in celluloid-based peril; he’s our list of four of the hottest scream queens from horror films.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

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Jennifer Love-Hewitt came to prominence as Julie Nicole James in this 1997 gore fest with several critics commenting on Hewitt’s ability to scream with soul! A resounding endorsement if ever there was one. In fact, it was Hewitt’s naive portrayal of the innocent yet beautiful teen that set her on her way to future movie stardom, with her role in “Hearbreakers” proving to be the zenith of her sexual powers.

Ali Larter, “Final Destination.”

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Remember the original “Final Destination?” It’s nearly impossible due to the deluge of sequels which the film has spawned, but the first film was actually quite a revelation when it was released. Ali Larter’s character, Clear Rivers, manages to survive the whole endeavor, but her vocal chords do get quite the workout. Ali would later acclaim worldwide fame with her portrayal of Niki Sanders, an internet stripper in the NBC series “Heroes.”

Drew Barrymore, “Scream.”


Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, Drew Barrymore’s career was close to extinction. It was her short, yet bloody cameo in Wes Craven’s 1996 slasher film “Scream” which brought her back into the public’s attention. Despite being seen as Hollywood’s favorite little sister, Barrymore showed mass sex appeal with her performance in “Charlie’s Angels,” making even the most fervent fans of the original series ask, Farrah who?

Sarah Polley, “Dawn of the Dead.”

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During the course of “Dawn of the Dead,” Sarah Polley watches her husband turn into a zombie and murders countless other members of the undead. Although she attempts to remain cool under pressure, her restraint only adds to her sexiness. Her role in “Dawn of the Dead” is only rivaled by her performance as the vigorous party goer in 1999’s “Go.”