It’s not enough to just work out any more. It’s about taking it to the extreme so you can get bigger, stronger, faster and more explosive. The best way to do this is to stay in shape and build on your conditioning level every day, but sometimes you want the most intense workout possible. Here are four of the most extreme workouts in the world. Remember to always check with your physician before beginning any (intense) workout program.


Cross-Fit Program

This type of exercise emphasizes endurance, strength, power and explosiveness. It is used by many athletes to prepare for competition when they want to push their bodies to the limit. However, pushing too hard can lead to painful injuries, so you should at least begin the program under the watchful eye of a cross-fit trainer. Here’s a typical cross-fit program that you may want to follow:

Start with an 800-meter run and follow with 28 kettlebell swings, 28 pull-ups, 28 kettlebell clean and jerks, 28 pull-ups and then run 800 meters again. If you can’t reach the maximum number of kettlebell exercises and pull-ups, do as many as you can until you work up to that level.



The P90X exercise program promises to transform your body from “regular to ripped” in 90 days. In truth, nobody can keep that promise unless you are willing to do all the work in this 12-step exercise program. P90X targets your back, shoulders, arms, chest and legs. The primary exercises in the P90X program include plyometrics, Yoga, stretching, Kenpo, cardio and abdominal exercises. You must also pay careful attention to your diet to get maximum impact from the workouts.


Navy SEAL Fitness

This program is quite a bit older than both the Cross-Fit and the P90X programs, but it is one of the most intense workouts in the world. Not only do prospective Navy SEALs use it to train, but they also must reach minimum levels in fitness tests in order to maintain their elite status. The Navy SEAL program includes swimming 500 yards in less than 12 minutes, a minimum of 42 push-ups in 2 minutes, a minimum of 52 sit-ups in 2 minutes, a minimum of 8 pull-ups (no time limit) and running 1.5 miles while wearing long pants and combat boots in less 11 minutes, 30 seconds.


Marathon Training

marathon training.JPG

While there are triathalons and ultramarathons available for the most competitive athletes, preparing for a 26.2 mile marathon takes intense training and superior conditioning. Many marathon runners train by running 50 miles or more per week, but the training also includes sprinting, jumping, weight training and calisthenics. Marathon trainers will often workout seven days a week before tailing off in the final ten days before the competition.