Every city in the world is filled with people of different levels of intelligence. Some struggle to tie their own shoelaces in the morning. Some know how to correctly spend photosynthesis, without the assistance of the world wide webs and some can do scientific experiments whose mere explanation would reduce most people to tears. However most cities in the world now have a vast array of criteria which showcase there intelligence to the other, more envious cities. These include upward mobility, economic progress and how “green” it is. Through these criteria some of the worlds most beautiful places to visit such as New York, Tokyo and Paris are immediately excluded due to their congestion and high living prices. So here is a list of the 4 smartest cities in the world, which manage to enlighten every person who lives their but probably still has it’s fair share of homelessness.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong. Hong Kong has a reputation for possessing the freest economy in the world and has been ranked No.3 in the world for how easy it is to do business in the city. It is also the home to the worlds third largest container port, large airport and its population is filled with entrepreneurs looking to make a huge amount of money, quickly. With most of the worlds economy shifting toward Asia, Hong Kong clearly has a bright future in front of it and it’s also very damn pretty to look at and has plenty of karaoke bars for you to impress in.


Houston, Texas, USA. Over the last decade Houston has become more and more green, enough to rival Kermit, even spending a substantial amount to become the nation’s largest supplier of wind energy. It has a wonderful airport, a dominant global energy base and is home to the Texas Medical Center too but its streets and buildings are still a little dull for those of you looking to party after being smart all week.

huntsville shuttle

Huntsville, Alabama, USA. Southern states are often looked at in a condescending manner. It’s inhabitants are looked at as “hicks” who only wear plaid shirts, play dueling banjos and eat corn in fields. However in Hunstville, Alabama you find a leading  venue for aerospace and biotech facilities, but you’ll probably have to put up with hearing “Sweet Home Alabama” way too many times than your sanity can handle.

amsterdam ING

Amsterdam, Holland. Amsterdam has a reputation for being the home to the rowdier and more erotic members of our society. But between the drug taking prostitutes and windmills the city is also the home to 7 of the worlds top 500 companies, which includes Phillips and ING and offers low income and corporate taxes as incentives. There are other perks to the city which have been noted above.