The Olympics have featured some pretty bizarre events, but some Olympic sports are so weird that you can’t stop watching. They don’t have to necessarily be amazing, just really, really weird. Like, “how is this a sport?” weird. But that’s their appeal, right? If they weren’t so strange, you wouldn’t watch. So maybe it’s to their credit that they’re so weird. Some are stranger than others, so check out this list of four Olympic sports so weird that you can’t stop watching, and find out the craziest of the crazy.


Trampoline olympic.jpg

It’ sort of like gymnastics, but instead of using your own strength to get airborn, you bounce of a springy mat. The people who do the gymnastic floor exercises have to be kicking themselves for not switching to the trampoline. If you land wrong doing gymnastics, you break your ankle. If you land wrong on the trampoline, you just bounce again. Seems like an obvious choice as to which event an athlete should choose, right? As far as rules go, you get points for doing really cool flips. By that logic, it seems like every kid with a trampoline could earn a medal in this event.

Race walking.

race walkers.jpg

It turns out that you can get yourself some Olympic gold by walking. It’s doubtful that the Greeks had this in mind when they came up with the Olympics. What makes this sport so weird that you can’t stop watching it is the fact that everybody looks really dumb when they do it. This has to be the least-flattering Olympic sport in history. Watch them for a while. Don’t they all look like they have to go “number two”, like, right this minute? If they called it the 400 Meter Bathroom Shuffle, viewership would triple.

Team handball.

olympic team handball.JPG

Any sport that is utterly incomprehensible is too good to miss. Guys are running around a field like mad, whipping a ball into a goal, and then running back to defend their goal. The thing is, no one ever defends the goal. No one tries to get the ball from the other team, either. Team handball rules remain shrouded in mystery, but what is known is that the frenzied and chaotic game is comedy gold, and is so weird that you can’t stop watching it.

Ping Pong.

ping pong.jpg

The drunken game of choice for countless people across the globe, ping pong is Olympically awesome. Aside from the fact that the ping pong ball looks to be traveling at around a thousand miles an hour, what makes this sport so weird that you can’t stop watching is just how into the match the competitors get. The intense looks on their faces, the heavy sweating, and the fist-pumping glory of victory are made ten times more awesome by the fact that these guys are whacking a tiny ball with tiny paddles on a tiny table. Tune in and get caught up in the magic of miniature tennis, you won’t be sorry.

There are other wacky sports in Olympics (see curling), but these are the ones that manage to combine Olympic competition with hilarity, even if it is unintentional hilarity. All of these Olympic sports are so weird that you can’t stop watching them. If you see these things on TV, get yourself a cold beverage and buckle up, because your day is about to get really awesome.