Powerful men take powerful naps, but there are power nap tips that every man should know. Trying to nap the wrong way can end up doing more harm than good, leaving you groggy and unproductive. You want to wake up feeling like you just drank tiger blood and not like you downed some warm milk, right? Check out this list of four power naps tips every man should know to help you maximize your output during your work day.

Nap at a regular time.  Did you ever wonder why you get sleepy after lunch? It’s not just the mac ‘n’ cheese you pounded during break time. Your body naturally falls into a rhythm known as a Circadian Rhythm. This is the reason that you get tired around the same time every day. Try to take a power nap between 1PM and 3PM, this tends to be the groggiest time of the day since it’s in the middle of the time you wake up and fall asleep for the night.

Darkness is your friend. Draw the shades before you settle in for a nap. If you can’t do that, then you should use a sleep mask to block out the light. You’ve got to bring out your inner vampire if you want to fall asleep fast and power nap properly, so give big ups to Dracula and shroud yourself in darkness.

You Need to Stay Warm. The body’s temperature drops while you sleep. If you get chilly when you sleep, you’re going to wake up early and ruin your nap. You probably don’t want to bring your vintage He-Man blankie to work with you to stay warm, but you should keep something handy in case you need to bundle up before your nap.

Don’t Nap For Too Long. Anything beyond 30 minutes and you’ll end up groggy. You’ve got stuff to do, you can’t be spending all of your time with the Sandman, you know? Try setting your alarm for 35 minutes after you settle in for a power nap. That will give you 10 minutes to fall asleep, and 25 minutes to get some good napping in.

Naps: they’re not just for kindergarten anymore. Big boys can get cranky, too, and that’s why these are power nap tips that every man should know if he wants to get everything on his To Do list accomplished. Just plan ahead a little bit, and you’ll be taking care of business instead of dragging your carcass around the office.