crowded bar

Sparking up a conversation in a loud venue such as a bar or club can be very difficult. You don’t really have the luxury to formally introduce yourself and spit endless small talk at pretty girls. You need to hit them hard, fast and effectively. Then you can worry about all the small talk on another night. Or, maybe the next morning if you play your cards right. You will not learn how to regurgitate prefabricated lines here. What you will learn is how to get her attention in unique fashion, which will at least warrant a response. Now, how you take that response is up to you.

“Buy me a drink.” Women are used to waves of lame guys offering to liquor them up for free. It’s true. Some girls will hit the club just because they know they’ll be able to round up a legion of lames to get them drinks. Flip the age old script on them and ask her to buy you a drink. Or ask her anything contrary to what she’s used to hearing. Just remember to stay semi-respectful, and you’ll find yourself in the beginning stages of a conversation. Now, where you take it from there is totally up to you, smooth talker.

“You don’t have to stare.” Once again, your comment is so far out of left field that she’ll have no option but to respond. She probably wasn’t staring to begin with, but it doesn’t really matter. You’ve got her attention. If you play your cards right, you can quickly get her to dance, followed by an exchange in contact information that may lead to more later on. Remember, the guy that steps to the lady in an original fashion has a much better chance then the guy that asks her what her astrological sign is. Really, like you or she really cares about the compatibility of Scorpios and Libras at this particular moment.

“Are you working tonight?” If you see a hot little number floating through the bar, ask her if she’s working and if so, can she get you a drink. You should be beginning to see a pattern here. Most guys throw compliments at women like they’re going out of style. Staying away from the majority of that useless jargon is how to quickly get the lady’s attention. In this case, mistaking her for an employee creates an immediate difference in the conversation. You don’t sound like all the other vultures trying to get in her pants. You’re also not chasing her. You have a better chance of getting a response simply because you sound different from the others and you’re not begging for attention.

Say it with your eyes. If a cute chick is checking you out in the bar, you don’t have to run up to her with your tongue wagging. Simply walk by her as if you don’t see her. If her eyes follow you, then turn, naturally, and give her lingering eye contact. Now, don’t linger so long that it seems creepy, but just long enough so she knows you’ve acknowledged her hotness. Then, go over and introduce yourself. Maybe ask her to buy you a drink.