Well before hip hop artists started spitting rhymes like “before he speak, his suit bespoke” (no names will be named—ahem, Kanye), rappers had already been major style icons for nearly 30 years, for better or for worse. That being said, if you want to attract a certain kind of woman (or any woman really) you should pay close attention these four rappers whose styles you should copy and particularly…the four you shouldn’t. You may think you’re a trailblazer by rocking those hammer pants, and you’re certainly sending the you-can’t-touch-this message. And believe us, the ladies will hear ya loud and clear.


Hip Hop Preppy: Kayne West


Rappers such as Common, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams wear fitted sweaters, button down oxford shirts, polos, ties and blazers. To switch up the look rock a pair of straight leg jeans instead of dress pants to make it more casual. Simple accessories such as a driver’s cap can pull the look together as well.


The Mogul: Sean Combs


Hip Hop moguls like Sean “Diddy” Combs and Jay-Z have a refined look straight out of “GQ”. Three piece suits, dress shoes and not too flashy accessories make these rap giants look like the millions of dollars that they are worth. But don’t think they always had style down. Remember the “Mo Money Mo Problems”  video?


Vintage Kicks: Run DMC


Old school sneakers by Adidas and Nike can pull an entire outfit together. Adidas shell toe Superstars have been a mainstay in hip hop fashion since the days of RUN DMC and they still have street cred. Just remember to keep them clean. A scuffed up shoe can make even the classiest outfit look like you just rolled out of bed.


Aviator Shades: Ludacris

ludacris-eva-longoria-aviator-<a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>shades</a>.jpg

Popular in the 1980s in movies such as “Top Gun”, aviator sunglasses have seen a recent rejuvenation with hip hop stars. Aviator shades are not too flashy like other styles of glasses seen in hip hop (Shutter Shades) and go with any outfit.


Whatever you do, please, please do not copy these next four pas!


Shutter Shade: Kanye West


Just because Kanye West is seen wearing these plastic monstrosities doesn’t mean anyone else should. Not only do they look awful, especially in loud colors like lime green and pink, but how can anyone see out of them?!


Grillz: Lil’ Wayne


Grillz are one of the worst trends that has ever happened in hip hop. They have since fallen off of the radar, but still some hip hop fans want to get them. Who wants to swallow a diamond while eating dinner?


Any Early 1990s Hip Hop Trends: Vanilla Ice


The early 1990s was not a good time for hip hop fashion. MC Hammer genie pants, anything that Vanilla Ice wore and sports logos shaved in the back of your head haven’t been in style since the days of “Ice Ice Baby”.


Throwback Jersey: (Not) Fabolous


Unless you’re at the ballpark or stadium on game day you shouldn’t wear oversized throwback jerseys. Back in the Mid 2000s rappers such as Fabolous wore this trend out.