When it comes to going out and picking up men‘ class=’linkify’ target=’_blank’>women, maybe you’ve been going about this dating thing all wrong. Guys have grown so accustomed to taking a wingman out with them that they’ve been missing out on a more effective tool in the never-ending search for booty. Submitted for your consideration, the wingwoman. A lot of you closed-minded gentlemen will probably laugh. You guys that mistakenly think picking up chicks is simply a numbers game will shun the idea. But, for you progressive thinkers, the guys that truly want to understand the psyche of a woman, the men majoring in nocturnal feminology, check out the benefits of employing a wingwoman. These are four clear reasons it’s better to have a wingwoman instead of a wingman.

Appearances. At first glance, when you arrive at a club with your wingwoman, you’ll look like you came with her. Now, if she’s hot (which she should be), the women will take notice. They’ll wonder about the guy that walked in with the supermodel. You can use this to your advantage later in the night. Imagine how easy it’ll be to spark conversations with women that think you’re the caliber of guy that can bag a show-stopper like your wingwoman. Also, how cool will you appear in general, to everyone else, for coming in with one bad ass chick and picking up another one. It’s all in the appearances. If you act like you’re supposed to be doing something, people assume you are. You can’t achieve this kind of status with a standard wingman scenario.

Inside knowledge. Most guys think they understand women, but 99.9 percent of them don’t really have a clue. You can converse with 29 dudes who claim to be players and they’ll give you 48 different viewpoints on how to catch a woman. None of those fools have a fraction of the insight into the mind of a woman that your wingwoman will have, because hey, she’s a woman. She can help polish your game up. She can point out the women that are checking you out. She can also steer you clear from a crash and burn scenario.

She can go where you can’t. Talk about double agent work. When you’re close to sealing the deal with a hottie, but need some inside information before you make your move, who better than your wingwoman to fish out that information for you? News flash. Women don’t just take bathroom breaks to powder their noses. They go in there to discuss the night’s opportunities, with you being one of those opportunities. If you really want to know what she thinks, send your highly skilled operative in there to drop some eaves. You’ll know everything you need to know to close the deal.

Perfect team. While you’re doing your thing with the ladies, your wingwoman will be handling her business with the guys. Quite easily, it should be said. Be honest. The majority of these guys that show up at clubs are suckers for hot women. The hot women know this too. Have you ever seen a hot chick pay for entry into a club? Have you ever seen her buy her own drinks? No, and no. Think about it. Just for being her escort, your wingwoman can be your supplier of free alcoholic beverage and your ticket into the club for free. Why wouldn’t you want to have a wingwoman?