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The next time you’re stumped for a date idea, you should take your girlfriend to a college football game. While she may not initially view a game date as romantic as a candlelight dinner or as groovy as a jaunt to the hottest nightclub, it makes a great date for several reasons. We came up with four fabulous reasons to take your girlfriend to a college football game—and don’t be surprised if she’s suddenly up for season tickets. Well OK, be surprised if she requests season tickets. But don’t be surprised when your girlfriend has fun.

1. It’s a cheap date. Taking your girlfriend to a college football game gives you all the fixings of a full date at a fraction of the cost. The tailgate partying gives you drinks, the concession hot dogs count for dinner and the game serves as the main attraction. All this for far less than the cost of dinner and a movies these days, a massive plus for couples during times of economic hardship.

2. It’s dear to your heart. Sharing your world with a woman is what a relationship is all about—and your world includes a passion for college football. Taking your girlfriend to a college football game is a way of truly opening up your heart and sharing what’s inside. Such sharing can bring you closer than ever. And if she doesn’t buy that argument, you can always promise to sit through a chick flick of her choice next weekend.

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3. It can impress her. Whether a gal knows all about first downs and safeties or instead judges the quality of a game by the design on the helmets, taking your date to a college football can wow her with your extensive knowledge of the sport. If she’s the intellectual type, talk about statistics, odds and player histories. If she’s the sports-fan type, go wild offering up your opinion on the plays. If she’s more the fashionista, well, you can always talk about helmet designs.

4. It gives you a chance to huddle and cuddle. College football stands can be crammed and the weather chilly. This provides two prime opportunities for you and your girlfriend to huddle and cuddle during the game. Make the huddling and cuddling at the game even more romantic with a thermos full of cozy spiked cider and a fleece blanket built for two.