jake gyllenhaal in a tux.jpg

There are definitely reasons you should wear a tuxedo more often. You don’t have to reserve them for weddings and proms, you know. There a plenty of times that it’s OK to don the penguin suit, and plenty of good reasons to do so. What are those reasons? Well, peep at this list to find out.

Tuxedos Show Off Your Manliness. There are few articles of clothing that are undeniably “male.” The tuxedo is at the top of that list. Why? Because they were designed to accentuate your manliest aspects, that’s why. The tuxedo jacket and vest combo makes your shoulders look broader and your torso look thicker, while the cummerbund helps create the illusion of length in your midsection, making you look taller. Throw in some sharp, pleated slacks and patent leather shoes, and you’re stylin’. Women will be powerless to resist your concentrated masculinity if you wear a tuxedo more often.

Tuxedos Make You Look Smooth. Every man desires that mix of coolness and confidence that makes a man “smooth.” You know what it is to be smooth, right? You say all the right things, move all the right ways, and even the most embarassing situations turn in your favor because you’re just that damn good. It’s hard to be smooth in jeans shorts and T-shirts, but in a tuxedo, smoothness is practically a given. You’d have to go far out of your way to look like a doofus, that’s how good tuxedos are.

Tuxedos Make You Look Rich. If you look at a guy in sharp tux, it’s doubtful that your first thought is going to be “What a bum.” If he was wearing a Dale Earnhardt T-shirt you might think that, but in a tuxedo, that same guy is looking wealthy and wise. Even if you don’t drive an E-Class Benz, you can look the part in a tuxedo. It’s no shame that women love them some money, so the tuxedo is pretty much catnip to the ladies. Dress up the old black and white tux with a little color if you really want to turn some heads.

daniel criag james bond pointing gun.jpg

Tuxedos are James Bond’s Favorite. It’s a good bet that if James Bond wasn’t wearing a tuxedo, he was probably getting it on with a Bond girl. Other than that, he was always a martini-sipping, tux-wearinng, bad guy-capping coolness machine. Drawing comparisons to Sean Connery in his prime or Daniel Craig today can’t do anything but help you look awesome. Channel the spirit of 007, and bust out your tuxedo more often.


Wear your tuxedo more often. Wear it to the movies, to work, it doesn’t matter. Just wear it. The reasons on this list are all the argument you would need to justify wearing a tuxedo more often. If someone calls you pretentious, just ask them…”Would you call James Bond pretentious?” Anyone who says yes is an idiot, plain and simple.