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When you meet the girl of your dreams there are a number of protocol that you must go through. Firstly, you exchange phone numbers, and then you have your first date at a bar or a cinema. If all of this goes well, you then must ponder what kind of meal you are going to cook for her when she finally walks into your abode for the first time. This of course is a very important decision. It needs to be cooked to perfection, yet still possess manly qualities that will get her extremely hot under the collar. Struggling for ideas? Well, here are four romantic meals you can make at home.

Steak Dinner


Steak dinners are never cheap, thus you are immediately able to show off your affluence without actually uttering the words, “I’m rich!” You need to keep it pretty with side dishes of mashed potatoes, broccoli and bread and butter, but make sure that you don’t fill up on the latter because the steak should be the main course and dessert will occur in the bedroom. Capiche?

Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta


Pasta is a light dish that can be equally as flirty as it is filling, and everyone loves pasta! A creamy cheese sauce that is complimented with onion, garlic, chicken and a variety of herbs will certainly scream the phrase, “I’m a sensible yet sturdy man.” You could even share a bowl, ala “Lady and The Tramp”, but that might just come across as creepy.



The world’s most famous aphrodisiac will certainly show your female companion that you mean business, but you need to be careful with how you prepare the seafood dish. Raw oysters are the most famous rendition of the seafood, but they could result in both of you getting seriously ill. Might be best just to fry the little blighters. Better safe than sorry.

Better Than Sex Cake

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The name says it all. It doesn’t matter how terrible the dish tastes; as soon as you say what it’s called, she’ll be gagging for your love. It’s pretty handy that it’s actually sensational.