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Keeping your facial hair in check can be easy with the four rules to follow when trimming your eyebrows. Why on earth would a rugged man like yourself want to groom your eyebrows in the first place? One reason alone should be enough to compel you: scraggly brows can be a real turnoff for the ladies. It makes you look like you don’t give a dang about your appearance—or that a caterpillar has nested on your head. You can instead look sleek, smooth and sexy with these four rules to follow when trimming your eyebrows.

Comb them first.

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You can’t very well start cutting accurately if your brows are in disarray. First comb them upwards toward your hairline so you actually get a glimpse of which particular hairs need a bit of snipping. Skip this rule to follow when trimming your eyebrows and you can end up making them look worse than they did before you started. And you’ll still have long hairs sticking out willy-nilly, to boot.

Use the right tool.

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Yes, we know. You’re a manly man and trimming your eyebrows is kind of girly to begin with. But you don’t make trimming your eyebrows less girly by using a manly man tool like a switchblade, lopping shears or hunting knife. Use a nice little pair of scissors, with best results from scissors that are specifically made for the task. Nail clippers just won’t cut it (pun intended).

Don’t cut them in a chunk.

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One of the major rules to follow when trimming your eyebrows is to cut them carefully and individually. Slowly and patiently snip each hair just a big shorter than it is so it doesn’t hang down in that psycho professor look. Don’t just chop them en masse as if you were trimming your bangs. You do trim your bangs, don’t you?

Don’t make an arch.


This is a must rule to follow when trimming your eyebrows—unless you happen to work as a circus clown. Eyebrows with arches are fine for women, but even they can go overboard when it looks like their forehead is topped off with a pair of sideways parenthesis. Guys with arched eyebrows are never fine. Keep your eyebrows in their natural shape, simply trimming random long hairs that stray from your God-given brow shape, as long as God didn’t give you a unibrow. Then you want to take out the middle, but you still don’t want to make an arch.