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Drug used to enhance sex isn’t a new phenomena in American culture. You hear about it in songs, see it in movies, some of you may have even tried drug induced sexual encounters yourselves. These encounters can seem exciting, even other worldy at first, but more often than not you can end up seriously injured or worse. These drugs are either unaturally manipulating your brain functions and hormonal release in your body. You see, your body is pretty good at regulating itself, but taking drugs for sexual purposes can really throw your sexual health out of wack.

All natural sex pills.

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Everyody wants to go green in todays world, be and eat organic. Enter the all natural herbal sex pills. These pills claim to have all natural ingredients that’ll boost your sex drive, get your little soldier at attention a lot more safely than their synthetic counterparts. The truth of the matter is, many of the so called herbal pills actually contain unregulated high doses of the stuff you’d find in the more comercial brands of sex improvement drugs. These unregulated amounts can cause strokes and even death. The danger is even greater for those older men that take blood pressure regulators and such. You younger guys out there that like to pop pills to give your little warrior super human stamina also run the risk of serious injury. Your best bet is to know what you’re taking, and only take it if you need it.



In general terms, this sex drug’s appeal comes from the fact that it makes you super sensitive. Every touch, every kiss, every stroke is incredibly heightened. What people don’t realize is, it is very possible to die from overdosing on this drug. Ecstasy gives you an unnatural amount of energy causing you to push harder and faster than your body can handle. Because Ecstasy releases all of your endorphins (the hormone that makes you feel pleasure), you don’t immediately realize the effects it has. Ecstasy can overheat you and completely dehydrate you causing serious physical issues that are hard to reverse such as kidney failure. Without a regulated amount of endorphins in your system, because Ecstasy releases them all at once, your mind can be effected causing long term depression or worse.



Cocaine is dangerous no matter how you use it. Mind altering drugs have no positive upside, not even during sex. Although widely considered an aphrodisiac, cocaine is actually known to impair sexual function in chronic users. The high feeling you get when you take the cocaine is because it blocks certain chemical messages sent by the nuerotransmitters in your brain. The buildup of the excess amount of these chemicals is what make you high, it’s also why the drug is so dangerous. It can speed up your heart rate, destroy blood vessels in your brain, starve certain body parts of oxygen and destroy your lungs. Cocaine is also a wild card. Some people are more susceptible to the dangers of this sex drug than others. It’s not uncommon for a first time user to drop dead from using this stuff. Better sex isn’t worth your life. Stay away from this sex drug.



This highly addictive drug is classified as an opiate. Originally created to ween addicts off of morphine, heroine quickly showed it had addictive properties of it’s own. This drug will enhance sexual feeling for any user. It has been described as walking around with a perpetual total body orgasm originating in your gut area. This sex drug can almost be considered to be more dangerous that cocaine simply because of the highly addictive nature of the drug. People using heroine begin to feel like they need heroine to function in normal life routines, including sex. Once the body gets used to a certain dosage, it craves more and more of the drug to recreate the high that the user has become accustomed to. Overdosing is quite common.