There is something innately annoying about hippies. Yes, they want peace, love, and happiness for the entire world but they just seem to do it in such a way that it comes out like they just want to sing, dance, and get high. Of course these individuals have been portrayed in various films since the early 1960s with most of them coming across like pretentious fools. Here is a list of 4 cinematic hotties who have acted as hippies but would rather be hugging a tree. Teases.

Martha, “Nashville”


Shelley Duvall’s Martha changes her name to L.A. Joan and visits Nashville with the ambition of visiting her uncle and auntie, Mr. and Mrs. Green. However she spends most of her time wearing wigs, changing her clothes and looking to seduce any man she can get her hands on. Which doesn’t really sound too bad when most red-blooded males think about it, but it’s not the life most fathers would envision for their daughters. It turns into a pretty creepy return home for L.A Joan.

Jenny, “Forrest Gump”


Ah Jenny! Everyone in the world fell in love with Robin Wright Penn’s folk music loving lefty in Robert Zemeckis‘ schmaltzy 1994 comedy drama. When she returns to Gump’s life it felt like the whole world was a better place and that our boy Forrest was going to settle down and live out a wonderful life. Unfortunately, she dies from AIDS shortly after and ends up leaving Forrest with a child for good measure. Still, she was a great looking broad.

Julia, “Hideous Kinky”


Kate Winslet doesn’t immediately strike people as a hippie. Mostly, she’s remembered for saving her own life in Titanic and watching Leonardo DiCaprio freeze to death when she had plenty of room left on her life raft, but in Gillies MacKinnon‘s 1998 drama she drags her two daughters to Morocco in 1972 and partakes in plenty of drugs, dancing, and sex. Not with her kids mind you, that would just be weird. She gets her comeuppance though, when she soon realizes that being at one with earth doesn’t pay her anything.

Michelle, “Dazed & Confused”


Despite being one of the most striking models of the 90s, Milla Jollovich’s portrayal of Michelle in Richard Linklater’s coming of age movie actually leaves you with a very real feeling that you might just be able to seduce her. This is probably because throughout the movie she shows seldom emotion and basically just sits in the woods smoking dope and playing guitar. Dream woman.