As you may know, Sailor Jerry has a long association with not only rum and tattoos, but also supporting our troops. So it was only natural that yesterday they put on a totally kickass event to wrap up Fleet Week in NYC. Here are just four reasons it was great.

1. Norman Reedus rolled up on a badass custom 1994 Harley, made a toast and took selfies with the troops.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 5.47.49 PM

2. Legendary tattoo artist Oliver Peck set up shop and inked up countless sailors and Marines in his inimitable American Traditional style.

3. Playboy playmates and civilians arm-wrestled service members. And sometimes even won!

4. Cage the Elephant closed out the party with an amazing set, a fitting tribute to the thousands of men and women who serve our country every day.

This Memorial Day, take a moment and give thanks for all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. And remember that it never hurts to thank those still with us who have served or currently serve. After all, they are part of the reason that awesome parties like this one can happen in the first place. Thanks for your service, folks!


Last photo by Nate “Igor” Smith