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Whether you’re trying to impress the ladies ala Tom Cruise in “Cocktail” or just want to create the perfect drink to bear your name, these 4 steps to make your own cocktail will improve your chances of making a drink you will enjoy and potentially help hottiesclothes fall off. So, break out the glasses, the rocks and a dash of creativity. You’re about to earn the title of Drinkmaster and astound your friends with your own cocktail that embodies all the wonderful qualities that make up your personality.


Consider what flavors you want in your masterpiece.

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This requires some basic knowledge of what different liquors taste like, but you’ve probably tried your fair share of them at one point or another. The real trick is remembering the subtleties in flavors through strings of hazy nights followed by daytime hangovers. Perhaps there is a theme you need to adhere to for a frat party or your cocktail is in honor of a holiday; this makes choosing a base flavor easier. For example, around Christmas, cinnamon or cranberry offer up the flavors of the season. If, however, there is no theme, think about what tastes describe you-perhaps woodsy with a hint of sweetness found in a sour mash bourbon like Jack Daniels or red-hot charm packed with potency found in 100 proof Hot Damn.

Decide what you want your cocktail to look like.

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Color may come into play here. Many liqueurs have a distinctive color, such as blue curacao or green creme de menthe. The other issue is your cocktail’s presentation. What kind of glass do you want-a basic highball, a sophisticated martini or a get-it-done shot?

Get down to the fundamental mixology.


Say you want the smooth, smoky flavor of tequila with a touch of sweetness for watching the St. Paddy’s Day parade. Here, you may consider making a simple substitution of blue curacao for grenadine in the recipe of a tequila sunrise. Your drink will taste similar with additional orange flavor and the yellow of the orange juice combines with the blue liqueur to make a festive green. Experimentation is crucial at this juncture; just be sure to write down what you try before you forget.

Tweak the recipe to perfection.

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Chances are, you won’t get the proportions just right the first time. So, try and try again, and don’t forget to get the opinion of the long-legged cutie in cut-offs at the end of the bar. You have a ready-made conversation starter and the possibility to drive her home once your very own cocktail is complete.