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 The thought of summer vacation keeps a lot of working men and women motivated during the year to keep up the nine-to-five grind and head to work every day. It may be the dream of an ocean-side vacation or a summertime trip to Disneyland. But some people who take their vacations in summer want no part of the heat of the season. There are plenty of summer vacation alternatives for those who hate traditional summer vacations.



To avoid the heat during your summer vacation, a trip to Seattle might be one of the best alternatives if you want to stay in the continental United States. The average temperature in July is 79 degrees, and that means you won’t spend your time melting on the sidewalk. You can get some of the finest seafood in the country in Seattle, and if you are a coffee fan, there are dozens of bistros that will allow you to sample the most incredible brews in the world. You can go hiking in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains as well as hike on the Burke-Gilman trail.



It’s not at all surprising that we would venture north of the border to perhaps the most European city in all of North America to avoid summertime heat. Just like Seattle, the average temperature in Montreal in July is 79 degrees. That makes it perfect when dining in French-style outdoor cafes. Montreal is home to the International Jazz Festival in July and the World Film Festival in mid-August. If you like diverse architecture, you will see both modern and classic design in Montreal.

Anchorage, Alaska

While you can have the occasional hot day in Seattle and Montreal, you can avoid any semblance of debilitating heat in Anchorage, where the average temperature in July is 66 degrees. Glaciers, fjords and waterfalls are at your disposal while you button up your sweater and enjoy your favorite cocktail. You can head out to Mount McKinley or take the train to Denali National Park to see nature at its most glorious without having any concerns of sweating away your vacation.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

When it’s summer in North America, it’s winter in South America. Traveling to the southern hemisphere may make your vacation a lot more bearable if you can’t stand summer heat. The average temperature in Buenos Aires in July is 58 degrees. It’s a very expensive and long plane ride, but Buenos Aires has some of the most beautiful architecture and is well-known for its museums and gardens. If you are a beef eater, Buenos Aires has some of the finest steaks you can find anywhere in the world.