With summer here, you have to be prepared for swimsuit season. You want to go to the pool, lake, ocean (pick one or pick all) looking your best. If you are truly committed to living a healthy lifestyle and staying in shape, you realize a full-time exercise program and a healthy diet must be followed on a year-round basis. But for those of you slackers, here are four summer workouts that can help get you in shape quickly—and get that hot girl you meet on the beach.


Tennis. Ever notice any fat tennis players on the pro tennis tour? Of course you didn’t. The nature of the game is that you are constantly starting and stopping and this burns significant energy. If you’re going out to play a three-set match with your friend, neighbor, or co-worker it may take about two hours, in which time you’re running, jumping, reaching, swinging, and shifting your weight from one side to another in a coordinated manner. It’s a full body workout! This will burn about 544 calories per hour (according to Prevention Magazine) and will leave you feeling better about yourself all the while helping you to develop a great body and get yourself in shape.


man Swimming laps.jpg

Swimming. If you want to put on your swimsuit and look good in it, you might as well make good use of your time while wearing it. Swimming is perhaps the best exercise of all. While runners may argue with you, swimming exercises your arms, shoulders, chest, hips, legs, and core muscles. You also get the added benefit of using the resistance of the water to help improve your conditioning faster. You can burn approximately 476 calories per hour while swimming.

Beach Volleyball. Volleyball on the beach is not just your chance to ogle beautiful women who want to strut their stuff, it’s also an ideal way to get the kind of body you want while having fun doing it. Remember competitive sports can be some the best and easiest forms of exercise since the thrill of the game can keep your mind off the fact that you’re working your butt off! The constant running, jumping, diving, and extending in beach volleyball will help you burn as many as 544 calories during an hour of play. Just remember that if the sun’s blaring, take frequent water breaks and slather on the SPF 35 sunscreen.


Biking. This can be an extremely beneficial exercise if you have the right equipment and choose challenging courses, like those that include lots of hills. Not only will biking allow you to drop pounds by burning as many as 476 calories per hour, you will build powerful leg and hip muscles while shaping your arms and upper body. Biking will consistently allow you to develop the kind of body that will look great in the summer and any time you don your swimsuit..