Zombie Apocalypse

If summer blockbusters have taught us anything, it is that the world will end in a special effects heavy bloodbath. It’s never too early to learn the four things every man should pack in a survival kit. Planning ahead will make it much easier to survive any forthcoming apocalypse caused by asteroids, climate change, clandestine world governments or lunatic zombies.



1. Water Purification Kit. The human body can last only about three days without water before dying of thirst. Storing enough clean water can be a challenge. That’s less of a concern with a water purification kit. A typical kit will contain enough iodine tablets to purify up to 500 gallons of water. This will make it easier to have a steady supply of drinking water wherever you are.


campfire kindling.jpg

2. FirestarterYou need to be able to start a fire if you end up in a world without electricity or gas heat. A lighter runs out of fuel and even waterproof matches can fail you if your wood is too wet. Carry a firesteel and some tinder for starting fires. This will be a more reliable option and it will create hotter fires than a simple cigarette lighter.



3. Blankets and sleeping bag. Staying warm is important to good health and survival. You need to protect your body from the elements to avoid succumbing to hypothermia. A lightweight sleeping bag and thermal blanket should be part of your survival pack. These will keep your body dry and warm when it comes time to sleep out under the stars.


bowie knife camping essential.jpg

4. A large knife. You need to be able to protect yourself from predators or bandits. A large knife (folding or fixed blade) will help you stay safe. It is also useful for fashioning weapons, fileting meat of the bone of any animal you hunt for food and cutting down small tree limbs for firewood. You should pack a knife that is durable and can remain sharp after a considerable amount of use.