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Even the most socially challenged players know that taking a date to a bar is a no-brainer. For what you may lack in looks, charm, and style can be easily enhanced by alcohol! The key to creating the perfect date, is knowing the 4 things the perfect date bar should have; and the 4 things it shouldn’t.

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It should have music. Every great date needs great background music to loosen the mood, get the fun started and spark conversation. The perfect date bar should have a jukebox with an eclectic library of artists, piped in music or even a band. If you can get her dancing, you have a great opportunity to get close, bump, or maybe even grind her.


*It shouldn’t have a wall of amplifiers. On a date you don’t want music so loud that you have to get in her face and scream to be heard. Chicks find that obnoxious and creepy plus you want to be able to talk and get to know each other. Avoid overly loud bars on date nights like hard rock concert venues or trendy hipster dance clubs. Save that for later down the line when you’re sick of listening to each other.

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It should have dancing. Dancing is an essential component of any perfect date bar because it gives you the opportunity to touch, grope, grind and strut your stuff with your date. Even if you’re not a dancing type of guy, you at least get the opportunity to watch your chick shake her groove thang for you.

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*It shouldn’t have pole dancing. Or slam dancing, and definitely not river dancing. Now when we say dancing, we mean traditional dancing. Ballroom dancing, hip-hop dancing, slow dancing, disco dancing and such. Strip clubs and mosh pits won’t score you any points with ladies. You should probably refrain from showing her your best break dance moves and keep the poppin’ and lockin’ to a minimum. And river dancing, well it’s river dancing, c’mon!

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It should have food. When you take a date to a bar it’s a good idea to make sure there is food available in case you get hungry, or one of you has too much to drink. This is particularly true when your date lasts several hours: as most successful dates should. And especially if you prefer full-figured women with lots of junk in the trunk.


*It shouldn’t have a toaster oven on the bar. Anything prepared by the bartender in a microwave next to the cash register is not going to impress a date. Not a woman worthy of a call back anyway. Spring for a joint that has an actual kitchen and a menu that doesn’t consist of frozen pizzas and hot pockets. Helpful hint; if your meal is served with plastic silverware you’re definitely not getting laid.


It should have games. Having something to do is a must on a date if you want her to have a good time. Make sure you pick a place with a pool table, dart board or other billiard room games. This can be particularly handy on first dates where activities are needed to break those awkward silences before the alcohol takes effect.

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*But it shouldn’t have a line of screaming, ticket wielding ten year olds. If you need to compete with prepubescent opponents, dodge baby strollers and the only drinks on the menu are wine coolers and draft beer, you’re definitely in the wrong place. You may as well wear socks and sandals and pick her up in a mini-van while you’re at it.