woman on treadmill

Picking chicks up at the gym can be a breeze if you have things to say to a woman while on the treadmill. The treadmill makes an excellent conversation starting place since she’s probably in the middle of her workout and cannot get away. You have several approaches to use based on the type of dude you want to come across as. You can be Mr. Macho, Mr. Fitness, Mr. Comedian or Mr. Help Me, I’m Clueless. The clueless approach works best for women with big muscles who look like they want to rule the world. They won’t be able to resist helping out a sweet clueless guy like you.

The Mr. Macho approach. Mr. Macho has a well-stocked supply of cheesy things to say to a woman while on the treadmill. They are corny, but, hey, they just might work. Examples of cheesy things to say to a woman while on a treadmill, especially if she’s sweating include: “Is it hot in here or is it just you?”; “Are you always this hot?” and “You look like you could use a long, cool shower. Want company?”

The Mr. Fitness approach. Mr. Fitness cares about the technicalities of working out and maintaining his buff bod. After noting how buff a woman is, he will then come up with fitness related things to say to a woman while on the treadmill. Asking about her favorite workout sequence works, as does the specifics of the incline, speed and intervals she’s using. Mr. Fitness can also comment on the perfect shape of her calf muscles and other toned-up areas, her choice of athletic shoes or the benefits of all-natural sweatbands. He is always on top of the latest workout trends, after all.

hot girl on treadmill

The Mr. Comedian approach. Mr. Comedian’s goal is to say things to a woman on a treadmill that will make her laugh. “Do you ever wonder if lengthy treadmill runs could make you insane? What are you supposed to think about on these things? Do you ever feel like a choo choo train? Is this the modern  equivalent of a hamster on a wheel?” Hopefully you can come up with jokes that are actually funny, but these limpid lines will at least get the conversation rolling.

The Mr. Clueless approach. You might think Mr. Clueless might be a bit wimpy or lame, but it’s the one with the best chance of getting the woman to actually come over, get near you and maybe accidentally brush her buff bod against your back. He just got a bit less lame now, didn’t he? Mr. Clueless has no idea how to work the machine or what settings to use or how to get such a great workout as he notices the woman is getting on the treadmill next door. He therefore asks for her help in setting up his machine with the offer to thank her afterwards by letting him buy her a drink—sports beverages and protein smoothies included.