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Getting a relationship started is hard enough without men‘ class=’linkify’ target=’_blank’>women saying things that are instant dealbreakers. But once the woman you’re dating says one of these top four, there is no way to undo it. With an instant dealbreaker, the damage is done well, instantly. And you’re likely to already be running for the hills before she has a chance to explain. The question is why do these four simple things scare men away so easily during the early stages of the relationship?

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“The first time is always the most important.” Whether she’s talking about kissing or having sex, this is an instant dealbreaker for a few important reasons. First of all, with this statement, the pressure is on, making it more likely for you to cut and run rather than risk the embarrassment of a lousy performance. Second, when a woman tells you the first time is the most meaningful, it implies that you can never make up for a bad first run, no matter how hard you try. The result of this instant dealbreaker: a soured relationship.


“We would have such beautiful babies!” It’s not that you never want to have kids, but men have been hardwired to believe that a baby is not the ideal outcome of sex, especially sex in the beginning stages of a relationship. And baby talk can be an instant dealbreaker in a few different contexts. The woman you’re dating could simply mention how she can’t wait to have kids someday or start talking about how much she loves being around babies. Even if there’s a cute, cuddly baby right there in the room with you, this kind of talk early on is usually a dealbreaker.

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“You think she’s prettier than me, don’t you?” Of all the things that women say that are instant dealbreakers, this might be the most annoying for a man. It comes with lots of assumptions, the most important being that this woman is obviously not secure. Lack of confidence is always a turnoff. Comparing herself to another woman can also mean that she’s got jealousy issues, which you probably don’t want to deal with early on in a relationship. With this instant dealbreaker, the woman has likely revealed more about herself than she meant to.

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Any statement about how an ex-boyfriend used to do anything.  This is a double dealbreaker if the woman is talking about what goes on in the bedroom. No man wants to be compared to someone else, let alone when it involves sexual performance. This is an instant dealbreaker not only because of the pressure it puts on the relationship, but also because it’s just downright insulting. The combination of these effects means that a comparison to an ex is an instant dealbreaker, no matter how innocent or well-intentioned the comment.