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No matter how successful you are in the dating scene, every guy eventually has a really bad date. Unfortunately, some of you not-so-suave or liberally selective fellows may experience repeat disappointments. Lucky for you, you can improve your odds of having a good date with some simple advice. Just remember the four things you should learn from a bad date and your love-life should be looking up in no time!


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What you don’t want – The only thing worse than having a bad date, is making the same mistake twice. Make a list of what turned you off about your gal pal so you know what to look for when selecting the next potential conquest. When you know what you don’t want, you can use the process of elimination. The key here is getting to know your vixen before initiating the date. Though your loins may be all over the invitation, think with your “upper-head” first!


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Better social skills – Either seeing what you did wrong, or seeing what they did and being conscious not to do it yourself is a good start to prevent future bad dates. Did she offend you with something she said or did? Don’t do it yourself on your next date and make sure not to date women who do the same things or share her opinions. If you have offended her, take note of how and why. Then don’t repeat those mistakes with the next lady friend. There is always room for improvement in the social skills department, and if you had your socials skills down pat, you probably wouldn’t be having bad dates now, would you? Mind your manners and insist the same of the company you keep.


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How to screen your dates better – Some things you can find out ahead of time to prevent a bad date before it happens. Whether it’s being more prepared, cancelling or just being a no-show (though that’s not very nice), screening your dates prior to the meeting can be a lifesaver! If she’s allergic to shellfish, taking her out to a lobster dinner will be less than impressive and could end up in the ER. Not sexy! Did her last boyfriend die in a freak trapeze accident? The circus may not be a good date. Perhaps she’s on medication. If so, a cocktail party is probably not a good idea either. Ask questions! Or at the very least do some comprehensive Facebook stalking.


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How to bail on the date – Sometimes the difference between a bad date and a tolerable or even good date, is knowing when to call it quits. A little foresight can go a long way in preventing an uncomfortable situation before it happens. Whether you see that conversation is going bad (or going nowhere) or the chili cheese dog you had for lunch is taking its toll on your digestive system, you need to know when to get out, and how. Be prepared and have an exit strategy!