No matter what your intentions were or what they are going to be, there are four things you should never do the morning after sex. If you are looking to proceed in your relationship with the woman, the morning after should be viewed as a bridge between a night of passion and any future communication. If you were just looking for a one-night stand and didn’t make that clear ahead of time, you should proceed lightly through the delicate situation. Either way, your reputation as a classy individual is on the line.


Never rush out as soon as you wake up. You had that chance when the sex was over the night before, and now, a little responsibility goes a long way. Remember, even if you don’t plan on seeing her again, you’re bound to run into each other down the line, whether it’s at the supermarket or on a date with a new woman. An ugly scene is never pretty or fun.


Never make yourself too much at home at her place. Just because she let you stay doesn’t mean that you have a license to finish off her box of cereal. Keep your morning routine to yourself for the time being and let her lead the way. Especially if the two of you were drinking the night before, you don’t want her first solid image of you to be with your face stuffed with food.


Never ignore your hygiene. Whether you’re preparing for some morning sex or are cuddled up together, it’s time to be proactive. That doesn’t mean you should carry around a toothbrush like you expected to have sex. It means that you should roll over and make the most of a mint or some breath spray while she’s off in the bathroom freshening up.


Never leave without commenting on your future intentions. If those intentions are good, show affection when you say goodbye, with a kiss and a hug, and go your separate ways. If the future doesn’t look good, treat her like an adult. She was willing to have sex with you, so the least you can do is observe a cold stare or some harsh words instead of leaving her hanging with only regrets. On the other hand, don’t over-explain what she did wrong.