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Everybody likes kissing, touching and fondling a hottie, but sometimes we just have an itch to scratch and foreplay is not on the agenda. Though most chicks do expect a decent amount of foreplay to execute an orgasmic sexual encounter, there are times when you can get right to business and be equally as pleasing without any foreplay at all. The key to making sure you both get off, is knowing when it’s okay to skip foreplay and when it’s not.

4 Times It’s Ok To Skip Foreplay

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Before work – If you’re in a live-in relationship, roll right over in the morning and see if she’s game. Don’t even bother with the foreplay! She wakes up just as horny as you and this is the perfect time to skip foreplay because you’re both in a hurry to get to work. And she doesn’t want to kiss you with morning breath anyway so go for it!

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When you just can’t take no mo’! Sometimes a good long date is packed full of so much body language and sexual innuendos that there is hardly a need for foreplay. By the time you get her into the bedroom, or even the front door, you may be halfway to home plate. In such theatrical throws of passion, it’s okay, more than okay, to skip the foreplay.

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In public When your date is really, really hot for you-or “DTF” as the Jersey Shore kids say-you might not make it home, or even to a nearby hotel before the panties drop. When getting it on in cars, gangways, bars, restrooms, at work and parties, it’s not only okay, but advised to skip the foreplay and just get it in there before you get caught.

Walk Of Shame.jpg

The hit it and quit it – Most guys are guilty of at least a couple of one night stands. Others, a couple a week. Needless to say, if you don’t plan on ever seeing a chick again after the deed is done, you don’t really need to worry about what she thought of your performance or if she’s satisfied. Put it this way, if you’re planning to give her a bogus phone number, just get ‘er done. Double up on the Trojans with these gals.

4 Times It’s Not Ok To Skip Foreplay

FIrst Time.jpg

The first time – If you’ve been courting-or manipulating-a woman for several weeks and are finally getting ready to hit the payoff, you better perform well. Especially if you know you’ll be back for seconds or want to make a relationship with the girl. Do not skip the foreplay your first time!

Dick In A Box.jpg

Special occasions – All of you committed, loyal and monogamous guys have to really step it up on special occasions. That means birthdays, anniversaries and even stupid Hallmark Holidays like Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day. If you skip the hugs and kisses and offer her a heart-shaped “privates in the box” you’re not going be tapping anything for a long time.

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When she’s not in “the mood” – There’s no way you’re going to get into a chick’s pants just by asking for it if she’s just not feeling it. If you have to put forth any effort to lure her to the bedroom, you’ll have to put forth twice as much when you get her there. If you work hard at arousing her, she may just make a turn-around and give up the goods.

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When you’re dating the “Ice Queen” – Let’s face it guys, when it comes to the female orgasm some chicks are far harder to please than others. If you’ve got a tough safe to crack in the bedroom, you better prepare to do a whole lot of “handy-work” before you even think about penetration. Brush up on those oral skills too!