Jenga is usually identified as a child’s game or associated with wine-drinking double-dates, but it’s much more than that. Jenga can be turned into a riotous drinking game complete with a theater of loud noises, suspense and, of course, lots of drinking. Bust out that miter box, acrylic paint and sandpaper because the type of Jenga you want to play can’t be bought.


Giant Jenga

Turn the game into the focal point of a party by making it huge; literally.  Buy some regular 2×4 wall studs and cut 54 10.5-inch pieces. Sand those bad boys down until they are smooth like glass. The game gets bigger, the suspense gets bigger and the crash of blocks is way bigger. Enjoy the chorus of, “Oh,” as the tower comes down. Everybody will want to call next.


Sturdy Platform

You want the game raised a little bit so everyone can see the action. Find a stout, heavy night stand with a flat top. Do not play on a full sized table; you might not be able to reach the top of the tower.


Give Orders

Paint instructions on some of the blocks with acrylic paint. Acrylic dries like plastic and can be sanded down nice and smooth. When a player successfully plays a piece, he or she must follow the instructions written on that block. Some blocks can be good for the player and some blocks can be bad. “Take a shot,” or, “Give out two seconds of drinking,” are some examples.



Jenga is a funny game. If four people play then nobody really wins; only one person loses. Make sure not to be that person by identifying the load-bearing blocks and staying away from them. Look at the way the tower is leaning and remove a block on the other side of the game. Pass the embarrassing crash onto your opponent.