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So… you like her. Actually, you like her a lot. You want to take that step from simply dating the young lady, to being in a relationship with her. Bridging the gap should be simple right? You spend all your free time with her. You act like a complete gentleman. You’re ready to jump at her every beckoning. Naturally, she should choose you to be her man, right? Not necessarily. But there is hope. You can take proactive measures to greatly increase the chances that she’ll start an exclusive relationship with you. These 4 tips on how to make her your girlfriend will prove quite useful.

“Be different”  If you’re dating a stunner, which all of you are no doubt, she’s going to be used to boat loads of potential suitors. You have to manage to separate yourself from the pack of wolves scratching at her door. How do you do this? Simply be different. Most guys make the mistake of shelling out tons of rather dated and superficial compliments because they think that’s what women want to hear. She knows she’s attractive. Spend more time acknowledging the deeper things about her, like, say her brain or even her political ideology. Show her you view her as an entire person and not just a gorgeous accessory. She’ll be thinking “girlfriend” even before you do. Oh, and don’t forget to let her know you think she’s hot too.

“Play by her rules”. You want this chick to be your girlfriend, then don’t make the classic male mistake of pressuring her to do so. She’s feeling you out, so stay frosty. Trying to “convince” her to do anything is just going to backfire. Continue to be your awesome self. Continue to give her reasons to want to be around you… without making them look like reasons. Get it. Just go with her flow. Relationships very rarely develop by force. It’s all natural baby, so be natural.

“Remember the little things”. If favorite flower is a purple tulip,why would you buy her roses? If she loves double chocolate cookies, don’t forget to grab her some. This shows that you pay attention to her. Even in conversation, bring up some minute detail about her that she wouldn’t think you’d notice. It’s ok to take her to grand dinners and expensive outings, but real women want to know that you’re paying attention to them. They want to know that they’re important to you. What better way to show your lady she’s important then by pointing out things her own parents may not know?

“Be less accessible”. Yes, less accessible? Up to this point, you’ve been given tips that’ll separate you from the dogs. But, this particular tip should be considered the mortar you spread to hold the rest of the bricks together. Everything told to you before can lead you down one of two paths. You can either end up the boyfriend,or end up  just a friend. Think about it. Her close friends will have her back. They’ll know small details as well. Yes, they’ll even compliment her on her brains, and style, and political understanding. What they won’t do, however, is give her distance. That’s what friends are for, to always be there. In order to separate yourself from the friends, get her to miss you. Be your awesome self when you’re around her, but give that “awesomeness” time to marinate in her brain. She’ll begin to love having you near, and miss you when you’re away. And that gentleman, is how you get her to look at you in a “boyfriend” kind of way.