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One of the biggest challenges of being in love with someone far, far away is staying faithful in a long distance relationship. Your far-away sweetie may be holding your heart, but it can be tempting to break your promise of monogamy when a nearby sweetie is promising to hold other body parts. Here are 4 tips that will help you stay faithful in a long distance relationship.

Communicate Often A weekly or even a daily phone call or email can make the other person feel closer. Touching base reminds you why you love this person and would never want to hurt him by not staying faithful in a long distance relationship. Surprise packages that include sexy lingerie and promises to “wear this next time we see each other,” can also keep the flames and faithfulness alive.


Indulge Often Nothing says your phone calls and emails have to be rated G, or even PG. Racy messages, phone sex and erotic video communications can sate your sexual desires while helping you remain faithful in a long distance relationship. Just make sure you’re alone in the room and try not to make that sexy phone call in a packed elevator.

Schedule E-Dates Even if you cannot see each other in person, you can still date via electronic communications. The popular advice site “Go Ask Alice!” suggests going all-out for the date, just as you would in person. Ask her out, decide on the food and beverages, then eat, drink and be merry in front of your webcams. Although relationships are typically more than just about sex, you can still move to the bedroom after your fine dinner together. This squashes your need to go out and date others and can help you stay faithful in a long distance relationship.


Retain Hope Once you lose hope, you might as well throw monogamy out the window. That hope specifically applies to the promise of eventually being together again. Breaking the waiting down into 24-hour periods, along the “one day at a time” rule, enhances your ability to stay faithful in a long distance relationship because you only have to stay faithful for the next 24 hours. You can do it. Just keep in mind the day will come when you can unleash all your pent-up desires on the long distance man or woman of your dreams rather than some chump or bimbo you just met on the bus.