man drinking alcohol

With these four tricks to help you hold your liquor, you can become the life of the party, rather than the dud that taps out earlier than everyone else. If you prefer hard liquor to other types of alcohol, you may need to employ some tricks to help you hold it. This is mainly because liquor can have a much higher alcohol content than other drinks, such as beer or wine.

Drink water. A simple trick to help you hold your liquor and avoid a very unpleasant hangover is to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water. When you drink alcohol, you become dehydrated, and adding more water to your system will not only reduce hangover symptoms, but it can also keep you feeling good during a very long night of drinking. The more liquor you drink, the more water you need to stay hydrated.

Space out your drinks. To help you hold your liquor, you need to get used to drinking a lot. This should be done slowly, over several weeks or months, drinking every few days or a few times per week. Each time you start drinking, you will be able to hold a little more than the last time. Taking it slow will also help you avoid a debilitating hangover.


Add more ice. This is often referred to as “on the rocks” with liquor. Ordering drinks on the rocks or adding ice at home helps you take in the alcohol more slowly, which gives your body a chance to get used to it. The slower you drink throughout the night, the easier it will be to help you hold your liquor.

Eat something. This trick to help you hold your liquor is mostly so you can pace yourself. It’s tougher to drink a lot when you’re full. Also, if you have a little something in your system, your body is likely to absorb the alcohol more slowly. This slower absorption can go a long way in helping you hold your liquor. However, be careful. It’s better to eat something light before you start drinking than something heavy once you’re already feeling tipsy. Eating while drunk helps ensure that you’ll be seeing that food again later – and in a very unpleasant way.