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Even though men think that they know how a woman’s mind works, they often make mistakes or blunders that can cause arguments and fights, which is why you should acquaint yourself with the 4 truths about women no man should ever forget to ensure smooth sailing. These should and will help you understand women better, whether that woman is your mother, friend or significant other.

responsible man

We like stability. We may like wild, crazy men (also known as ‘bad boys’) to date for a while, due to their unpredictability and excitement they offer, but when it comes time to choose “The one”, we usually go for responsibility and dependability over temperament and tattoos. This is why you should make sure you don’t overdo on the impulses, for no woman wants to settle down with a guy who could potentially sell the house and buy a red convertible at any moment.

woman lust

Not all of us want commitment. Women are afraid of commitment too, just like men. Just because your traditional Disney princess may dream of being settled down with her prince charming as soon as possible doesn’t mean your average women is in any rush to quit lusting after Calvin Klein models and get married to the first guy she sees. We like independence and being autonomous, even after getting married.

surprise gift for girlfriend

We love thoughtfulness. A woman loves a man who plans the occasional dress-up or game night, or brings her a dozen of her favorite Dunkin Donuts on his way back from work. Also, random gifts on “un-special” days are a great way to say ‘I love you’. That’s the right kind of impulsiveness.

<a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>girlfriend</a> birthday

Birthdays and anniversaries are a big deal. Forgetting them is unforgivable, although buying us a shiny new pair of Jimmy Choo heels do work well as compensation.