You only get so many nights out, and by avoiding these four types of bars that you shouldn’t waste your time in, you’ll make the most of every weekend. The type of bar you want to avoid will depend a lot on your expectations for the night. If you’re looking to meet women, certain types of bars need to be ruled out immediately. Also, a night of heavy drinking and a night of a few casual drinks shouldn’t take place in the same spot. It’s all about the proper match when it comes to a fun night out.


College Bars with a Lax ID Policy. While the owners of the bar won’t usually come out and say it, everyone knows that one bar in town where underage drinkers have an easier time sneaking in. Don’t get sucked in by the energetic crowd outside. There are too many other places to go without the risk of legal complications, especially if you are looking to hook up at the end of the night.


True Dive Bars. The term “dive bar” has different meanings, and someplace calling itself a dive bar is often a good location to drink that just underplays the setup of the building to seem more casual. True dive bars are dank and lonely places, which should be avoided, unless you’re looking to get to know the one or two regulars that frequent the establishment.


Bars with Loud, Bad Music. If you’re going to a bar to see a band you enjoy, the music will be an added perk. But when it comes to bars that book whatever bands they can just to fill a time slot, you might find yourself yelling at the top of your lungs to ask a woman at the bar if you can buy her a drink. Also, nobody needs their buzz offset by ringing in their ears.


Chain Sports Bars. Stick to sports bars when your only intention is to focus on the game. Chain sports bars are usually worse because they attract families eating dinner, often carry mediocre beer, and lack intimacy. Chain sports bars might be fine now and then when you’re looking for the biggest screen you can find, but just don’t plan on meeting any women there.