hipster with moustache drinking pbr.jpg

The hipster species consists of numerous subcultures. While facial hair choices, musical preferences, and tastes in bicycle styles may fluctuate, one constant exists across the hipster spectrum: their beer of choice is typically Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR). For those of you needing more details about the hipster species, here’s a quick look at four types of hipsters you will see drinking PBR.

The Blue-collar dirtball.

white trash hipsters.jpg

These were the guys that took auto shop in high school. They passed on college and are now electrician’s apprentices and roofers. Their fashion repertoire consists of stained, black T-shirts, and strangely-shaped, ratty beards. You can find these haggard gritsters drinking PBR at the closest dimly-lit, corner dive bar.

The squirrelly, bisexual, depressed Fonze.

greaser hipster leather jacket.jpg

This guy has a tattoo of an actress from the 1940s and loves Edgar Allan Poe. He sports a clean-cut, slicked, fade hairdo, a John Waters mustache, and of course, the trademark horned-rim spectacles. He rounds out his painfully self-fulfilling stereotype with an absurdly deep v-neck and black jeans that are too tight. You can find these slicksters drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and discussing Fellini at the next Sigur Rós concert.

The Schwinn cowboy or girl.

hipster girl in flannel on a bike.jpg

Actual gunslingers and lumberjacks are rolling over in their graves over what has become of the western plaid long sleeved shirt. Unlike their BMX counterparts, road bike hipsters went to college. Unfortunately their English and philosophy degrees sent them all the way to unpaid internships and jobs at movie theatres.They buy iPhones and fixed-gear bicycles. Schwinn Cowboys also pretend to like De La Soul, but in the privacy of their own tiny, minimal rooms they really listen to the Fleet Foxes. You can spot the Schwinn Cowboy hipster drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon at urban, art gallery parties located in abandoned warehouses.

The scarved, graphic designer girl.


The one hipster on the list who can truly afford a better beer. Even on a muggy, sun-blazing, July afternoon, this hipstress will be wearing multiple layers of clothing, with at least one vest involved. Her ensemble will usually include a scarf and colossal sunglasses as well. You can find these colorful numbers with their Schwinn Cowboy boyfriends, drinking PBR at a Keller Williams show.