If you’ve found yourself in a rut, try out one of these four ways every man can be like a ninja and get more women. Being a ninja is a mindset that focuses on confidence and taking decisive measure to get what you want. If you take that same mindset and apply it to the dating scene instead of the fight scene, women will start treating you like a man who knows what he’s doing.


Approach exercise like a ninja approaches his training. Before you have the confidence to approach a woman, you need to be confident with yourself. If you’re not fit enough to protect yourself, she certainly won’t treat you like someone that can protect her. Remember that a ninja isn’t the type of guy who tries to impress his buddies with how much he can bench press. The ninja has too much pride for that.


Dress to show that you mean business. A ninja doesn’t worry about frills with his wardrobe. He keeps it basic so as not to distract from the mission: to get women to take you seriously before you even say a word..


Talk decisively, just like a ninja fights decisively. If you give a woman too much time to pick you apart, she will. Tell her what she wants to hear without worrying about anything but the completion of the mission. Ninjas don’t get startled by a snag in the process.


Close the deal when the time is right. A ninja doesn’t hesitate because that one time he hesitates could be a missed shot at the only opening he gets to win. Women respect a man who makes it perfectly clear what his intentions are. However, much like with the ninja, coming on too strong and too fast can end poorly.