The Hangover Funniest Movies Ever

While you’re busy searching for new hangover remedies try to remember that some drinkers have already created their own forms of hangover prevention. Simply follow what the mixology doctor (M.D.) prescribes. Taste bud worthy and bartender approved (it’s all about the alcohol!), any of these four methods will help you remain hangover free.



Congener. What is it and how to avoid it? This substance. which includes other types of alcohol like acetone, is known to contribute to hangovers. Now is a good time to turn to Vodka; clearly the less-than-congener Russian choice. Vodka has less congeners than most other alcohols. Orange juice is known for vitamin C. Ice cubes melt into water. Combine all three and this liquid concoction pushes for weakening a hangover blow.


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Everclear is so ever clear. The unflavored alcohol of Everclear is distilled from corn and, while it has a low congener factor, should be used sparingly. Adding Everclear and crushed ice inside of a gutted watermelon before returning the juicy reddish-pink chunks just screams non-hangover potential. Remember the rule of ice, it melts into water. Water hydrates and there’s nothing like beating a hangover before it beats you down by simply tossing in ice cubes.



Do not skimp on the liquor. Cheap alcohol can cause a 10.0 on the headache Richter scale. No secret here. The worst? Cheap tequila. You are most likely going to experience cranking pain in the head region when drinking cheap tequila. A word of advice by one instructor from the local Mixology Institute: Avoid cheap alcohol and avoid a hangover.



Do not experiment with liquor. Mixing rum and whiskey drinks can result in a hangover and  prove dangerous to the human body. Just avoid that drama all together by never mixing two different types of alcohol. And definitely avoid adding roofies. That will surely give you a hangover.