Rock climbers are freaks when it comes to musculature and are often stronger athletes than the ones with huge endorsement deals and their own shoe lines and posters. These buff climbers are actually dynamos in the sack because they are in shape and can do things most of us can’t do anywhere, especially in the bedroom. Check out four of the ways rock climbing will make you better in the bedroom.


You can hold yourself up for an incredibly long time. If you’re on top of a woman humping away, your arms and shoulders often grow incredibly tired from the strain put on them. This causes most men to opt for laying down during sex or standing up, but rock climbers will have the arm strength to hold themselves up for an extended period of time, much to their partner’s glee.


Your fingers are powerful. Rock climbers often have to pull themselves up just using their fingertips, so they are incredibly sensitive and strong. This works wonders on many women in the bedroom, so just use your imagination and imagine what you can do with your new strong hands.


You can get in a wide variety of positions. When hanging on for dear life on the side of a mountain, rock climbers often find themselves having to use muscles they never knew they had and lift themselves in ways they never knew they could. That means a rock climber can handle those Kama Sutra moves that make you laugh out loud when you saw the sketches in the past.


You’ll take more risks. Once you’ve climbed a mountain and literally defied gravity and death, there isn’t anything you won’t try, especially in the bedroom. This will make every sexcapade you go on a new adventure, for both you and your partner.