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A haunted house and a strip club are eerily similar. Both have bright flashing lights, loud noises and half dressed employees. But a haunted house at least only has the illusion of danger, while the strip club is a haunted maze full of danger and regret.


Strip Clubs are Terrifying Germs

Strip clubs are dark, damp and warm. So are petri dishes. Due to their diverse clientele, and assumed lack of cleanliness, strip clubs are a haven for any numbers of illness and disease. Of course the presence of nude men‘ class=’linkify’ target=’_blank’>women can easily make you forget about all of this.

Other Patrons

Strip Clubs are Terrifying Patrons

While you can account for those in your party, who knows where the other mouth-breathing heathens sitting next to you came from? Although it’s easy to assume many men are in the same position you are, it’s the strip club regulars that are seriously terrifying. Who has that kind of cash (mostly in ones) and that kind of time?


Strip Clubs are Terrifying Strippers

One thing you should never forget is that every stripper wants to get into your pants…to get your wallet. If you allow yourself to be seduced by their feminine wiles you will feel the bite of their vampire fangs on your bank statement in the morning.

What If You Like It Too Much

Strip Clubs are Terrifying Regulars

The fear that should be at the fore front of your mind is what happens if you love the strip club. If you adore its dark corners and forbidden secrets, you run the risk of becoming a regular yourself. Unless your name is Tony Soprano there is no reason anyone should recognize you at the local nudie bar. Like all things, strip clubs are best only in moderation.