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These four ways to be more forward when dealing with women might seem obvious at first, but once you start to analyze how you behave, you might find that you’re not being all that assertive after all. Being forward will help you appear more confident and will ultimately make you more attractive to women. Lucky for you, there are four simple ways that you can pull this off.

Think before you speak. There is a fine line between being attractively assertive and being forceful or cocky. You want to avoid pressuring women and instead, appear as though you have confidence and self-control. This means you need to think carefully before making any moves.

Use “I” statements. You have probably heard this term before but might not know exactly what it means or how to put it into practice. An “I” statement is simply using the word “I” to tell a woman what you think, how you feel or what you want. For example, you can say “I find you so sexy and I can’t wait to get you home.” A compliment within your “I” statement can never hurt.

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Be sincere. Sincerity will make being more forward with women much easier. Instead of trying to come up with a cheesy line, simply tell the woman you’re with how you feel using complete honesty. As long as she can tell you’re being sincere, she’s likely to react positively to your forwardness.

Be clear and direct. One of the four ways to be more assertive when dealing with women is to always say what you mean. To accomplish this, you should avoid unclear language or vague statements. Be upfront and confident and use language that makes it clear what you want from the situation. For example, when discussing your relationship, you might explain that you’re ready for it to go to the next level, meaning moving into the bedroom and gaining more intimacy in the relationship.