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Spontaneity in a relationship can be that spark that keeps the fire roaring. People go through stages as their relationships progress. In the beginning, everything is exciting because everything is new. As the relationship moves along, the two involved naturally become more comfortable with each other. Being around each other becomes more and more routine. Now, comfort doesn’t always equal a weakening of a relationship, but this can happen if the two people involved aren’t proactive in keeping the union fresh. A little bit of work and your union can keep that new relationship smell. There’s no room for emotional lethargy here. Either get proactive and keep it fresh or find yourself in a stale relationship. Here are four easy ways to be spontaneous in your relationships.

Just because. Many times couples only go out and have a good time on routine occasions. You know, birthdays, holidays and weekends. Try surprising your lady by taking her out on Tuesday, just because it’s Tuesday. Send her flowers that match the color of her eyes because you feel like it. Write her a poem because you were inspired by the color a leaf falling from a tree. Get it? Do cool stuff for her just because, not for any reason in particular. And switch it up so this sort of thing doesn’t become so routine.

Unplanned trip. Sure, families save money and go on cruises and such, but how about shaking things up, grabbing two plane tickets and flying somewhere you’ve never been? Have a ball exploring a new place with your woman. Seriously, don’t think too much about it. Pick a place, get the tickets and leave tomorrow. If you have kids, send them to your brother’s house. What are you waiting for? You’ve wasted too much time already.

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Random sex. Sticking to bedroom sex is cool when you’re 18 and first getting some action, but you’re grown now. You’ve been dating and/or sexing your lady for a while now, so find new places to get down. The world is your bedroom. A little bit of courage and a willing partner, your sex life will reach new heights and places. Remember, don’t put too much thought into it. When the urge hits, find a place and get going.

Breaking household routine. Once again, little breaks in any routine you’re a part of is all you need. For instance, if your lady does most of the cooking, surprise her with a meal. If she’s become accustomed to you watching the game on Thursday nights, take her to a play instead. She won’t see any of this coming and she’ll appreciate the fact that you’ve gone through the trouble. If you guys haven’t been together long enough to have a rigid routine, it doesn’t matter. Always think of new ways to sweep her off her feet. The more creative, the better.