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For some guys, getting girls to go out on a date with them is easy. Put a non-creepy guy in a bar with a drunk single chick and boom you have plans for the next weekend (if she remembers). There are numerous ways to make the chances of impressing your date better from bringing her flowers to paying for the meal. That said, unless you grew up with four sisters—and even that doesn’t make a difference sometimes—you could most likely use a little lesson in grooming. Here are four ways to look better the day of a date. We say “day of,”  because clearly you aren’t planning your outfit out a couple of days in advance and while we wish time travel was possible, it’s not and you can’t rewind and go to the gym all of those days you said you would.



Unless you look like a prepubescent 10-year-old without your facial hair, get rid of it. Think of it like you would a job interview. Your date doesn’t know you well yet so you want to make the best impression that you can. It is a quick and easy way to look better in less than fifteen minutes. Showing up clean shaven let’s your date know that you actually put some thought into taking her out. Picking her up with little patches of fuzz all over your face shows your date that you in fact did not put much thought into the way you look, let alone the impression that may make on her. Plus it screams jobless, homeless, maniac.

Think about what you are going to wear.


This doesn’t require a ton of work, don’t worry. Especially if your closet looks like the one above. But don’t fret if it doesn’t—simply make sure that what you decide to wear is clean, not super wrinkly, and doesn’t smell. That alone will make you look better. Then, if you’re having trouble coming up with an idea for an outfit all you need to do is take a quick trip to a website of one of your favorite stores to get a handle on what is “in” at the moment. Learn from that example and use your wardrobe to piece something together. This in turn will boost your confidence and help you come across as self-assured with some semblance of style. Not to mention, the better you look, the more likely you’ll be able to keep her eyes on you for the whole night.

Don’t drink heavily the night before.


It doesn’t matter if you have a PhD in hangovers and took your GREs after drinking an entire keg the night before. You want to look fresh the day of the date and raging the night before puts you at risk of: A. Having a headache. B. Smelling like booze. C. Having big dark circles under your eyes making you look like a rabid raccoon. D. Blacking out and doing something stupid like hooking up with one of her friends. Just because you may have met her in bar doesn’t mean it’s OK to show up like you’re just coming from one.

Eat well and exercise.


We’re not saying you have to do this all of the time, although that is recommended by most physicians. However, doing this the day of a date is an especially good idea. Eating well will keep your energy at a steady level so you have plenty at night and will help regulate your appetite so it isn’t ruined if a meal happens to be in your plans for that evening. In terms of exercising, it is recommend as a remedy for everything from losing weight to helping people who have depression. The effects of exercise on the brain act quickly, just think of where you’ll be after a run. Not only have you already done something productive that day in addition to a little more color in your face, you can also use it as a conversation starter. Since exercising has been proven to enhance your mood, you can tell her about it with a big smile.