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A lot of you may not think geek is exactly chic, but the truth is that high fashion magazines and runways are covered with styles inspired by nerds and geeks. To look your best in your geek attire, check out our four ways to look geek chic and four geek styles you should keep locked away in the closet.


Do wear corduroy pants. Corduroy pants have been a signature look for nerds for decades. They are low maintenance, easy to wash, and you don’t have to iron them. Try wearing a pair of corduroy pants that are slim fitting and long-never wear pants that end at your ankles! Look for browns, beiges, blacks and other dark colors to pair with slim leather belts.

Wear horn rimmed glasses. It doesn’t matter if you need glasses or not; to look geek chic, you must have dark horn rimmed glasses. The bigger they are, the better. Some could even say the original Buddy Holly glasses inspired a generation of geeks to take over the fashion scene.

Wear geeky t-shirts. Instead of flannel or the usual checkered shirts we see geeks wearing, wear funny, ironic nerdy t-shirts. Look for shirts with some sort of science on them or an ironic joke. You can even wear t-shirts with your favorite comic book or movie characters on them. Just make sure the shirt fits you right, and it’ll look great!


Don’t be afraid to wear cardigans. A lot of guys shy away from cardigans because they feel they’re reserved for the elderly and geeks. But the truth is, we love a man in a sexy cardigan. A well-fitted, stylish cardigan can make any outfit look chic. You can use a cardigan to layer up in the winter or with jeans to pull your outfit together for a casual outing.


Do NOT have unkempt hair. We know that geeks are always super busy playing video games, researching or studying, so they don’t have a lot of time to pay attention to their hair. We forgive them for having long, messy locks. But if you want to make an effort to look geek chic, have a neat, sexy hairstyle. A crew up hairstyle with a little volume on the top looks best paired with geeky attire.

Do NOT wear suspenders. Unless done absolutely right by the perfect guy, suspenders just look dorky (in a bad way). So we advise you to stay away from them altogether unless you want to look like Steve Urkel!


Never wear fanny packs! We cannot stress this enough! Unless you want to be labeled as a geek for the rest of your life and live in social exile, stay as far away from fanny packs as possible. They might be pretty convenient at times, but they are a symbol geeks use to spot each other—not for somebody who’s looking to look geek chic.


Do NOT wear a pocket protector. It may help you from getting your pockets dirty, but wearing a pocket protector is fashion suicide! It doesn’t look sexy, hot, trendy or chic in any way. We know that geeks have been wearing these for ages, but this is one accessory we haven’t even seen Dr. Sheldon Cooper wear!