plane crash water

Everyone has all sat on a plane, just as it’s about to take off and thought about how we would react if that particular air craft was to fall out of the sky and plummet towards the sea. Would you just sit back and accept that your time on earth had come to an end? Maybe you’d start to think about all of the regrets and anguishes you had experienced in your life, before soiling yourself at the thought of your death? Or would you jump into action and lead you and your fellow travelers to safety amidst the terror and turmoil you had suddenly become embroiled in? If you think that you’d respond in the latter, then you need to sit down and learn about these four ways to survive a plane crash at sea.

Be prepared. A perfect way to make sure you don’t end up in a watery grave is to employ each safety device before the plane has even set off. Strap a life jacket to your chest, blow up a rubber dinghy and place it in the aisle. You could even drag down the helpful breathing apparatus and apply it to yourself just in case you fall asleep as the disaster is occurring around you. This might not make you the most popular passenger while the plane is in the air, but you’ll have the last laugh when you survive.

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Time your exit. You should also try to time your leap from the plane to perfection, this way you leave behind the hysteria. If you can perfect this art then you can even add some glitz and glamour to your fall, which will not only make you look like a cool individual but also help to calm those around you.

Bring a spare set of clothes. Once you have completed the easy steps of successfully leaving the aircraft and made it to dry land, you will probably realize how cold the elements can be. A simple way to solve this conundrum is to make sure you have a spare set of clothes with you, and hopefully a waterproof bag. Try and squeeze an iPod in too, it can get awfully boring in the middle of the ocean.

Be both selfish and selfless. It’s always been said that you’re born alone and you’ll die alone. So when you’re fighting for survival in the deep abyss you need to make sure that you have a dry spot in a dinghy, even if that means jostling with several other passengers to get it. But once you are inside you’ll need to remain warm, and there is no better way to achieve this than by hugging up with your fellow female survivors.