When it comes time to people about your break up, even the manliest of men might feel the urge to cry. This is especially true if the break up was not your decision. Letting go of your emotions and crying about the break up should be reserved for close friends, and there are a few ways to avoid this outburst of emotions when talking to everyone else about the break up.

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Let yourself cry in private. If you let go of those negative emotions by yourself or with a  close friend, then it will be easier to tell others about your break up without crying. Men tend to repress their emotions, causing anger, frustration and even tears to come out at unwanted times. Don’t repress. Let go during the right moments and you will be more in control when talking to other people about the break up.

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Keep the intimate details of the breakup to yourself. When telling people about your break up, you can avoid crying by not getting into too much detail. If you start to talk about how you feel about the situation, the tears might start to well up. Instead, keep it brief and make it clear that you don’t want to share any more right now. However, be careful. If you haven’t given yourself the proper outlet for letting out those emotions, you’re at risk of repressing them, which will lead to later issues.


Don’t play the blame game. If you start blaming yourself or your ex-girlfriend while telling people about the break up, you’re likely to unveil a whole range of emotions. While this emotion might be based in anger, feelings of sadness and resentment might be in there, too, and these emotions are more likely to lead to uncontrollable crying.

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Tell yourself positive things before, during and after you talk about the break up. Remind yourself that you’ll be okay, that it’s not the end of the world and that you have people who will support you through the break up. Being positive in your own mind will help keep you from crying when talking about ending it with your ex. This positive attitude should continue even after you’re finally finished telling everyone you know that you’re back on the singles’ market.