Body pimples and blemishes are the scourge of men, but there are ways you can fight back against bacne. You may need to change a few habits, but it can be done. Even if those annoying back pimples have plagued you for all of your adult life, if you follow this list of four ways you can fight back against bacne, you’ll come out a winner.

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Clean sheets are key. How often do you wash your sheets? If you’re like most men, then the answer is “not enough.” Women wash their sheets, like, every other day or something, and women have fewer problems with bacne. Coincidence? Probably not. All of your dead skin cells and body oils are soaking into your sheets while you sleep, and in turn, that dirty grossness clogs up your skin’s pores during the night. Try washing your sheets once a week and see if your bacne situation doesn’t improve. Chances are, it will.

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Exfoliating isn’t just for ladies. When you’ve got layer upon layer of dead skin and grit and grime caked on to your back, you’re setting yourself up for a bacne breakout. Fear not, because there’s an answer: exfoliating. Yes, that thing that girls do is one of the reasons their skin is so soft and smooth. Have your girlfriend help you out with some exfoliating salts and gels, and let her soap you up and rub you down. Live alone? Get one of those exfoliating sponges on a stick and do it yourself. You’ve got to keep those pores clear by any means necessary.

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Finish your shower with cold water. OK, no one likes an icy blast of water after a shower, but cold water causes your skin’s pores to close up, making it harder for all the crud to get in and clog them. That means fewer red mountains on your back and less time sitting awkwardly to avoid squashing your bacne pimples. Start with warm water to open the pores, wash up good, and then let the cold water run over your back. It’ll help.

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Wear loose cotton clothes. Cotton helps absorb the sweat from your skin, making it less likely that you’ll get excess oil built up on your back. Stay away from polyester blends (found in a lot of dress shirts) if you can and ditch the tight beaters in favor of looser undershirts. And definitely don’t wear stuff that’s dirty. That’s ground zero for bacne.

Follow these ways you can fight back against bacne, and you’ll definitely be happier. All of these remedies are simple, and all of them will help you achieve the results you want without any dermatologist visits or prescription treatments. Stay clean, stay fresh, and you’ll stay blemish-free!