Men want women who love sex, and more importantly are good at it. Some women may look at sex as obligatory in a relationship or a marriage and no man wants to have to spend his time with a woman who is overwhelmed by fear and doubt about her own sexuality. If she is not going to enjoy her time in bed with you, it will become tiresome, boring and ultimately unsatisfying. Here are four ways to tell if she’s good at sex.

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The Eyes Have It. When you have a conversation with her, does she look at you and do her eyes lock in, or does she quickly lose focus? If the conversation flows easily and her eyes remain locked in when she’s talking to you, she is into you. If she is looking at her watch, checking her texts and cell phone messages and her eyes dart away, she has other things on her mind besides you and she probably won’t put her full effort into making lovemaking enjoyable because she just doesn’t care about you or having sex with you all that much.


Aggressive movements. If she is willing touch your hand, your face or your body without you making a similar movement first, she probably enjoys making physical contact. That’s a great sign for both enjoying sex and being good at it. She will follow her instincts instead of repressing them. Men are regularly expected to make the first move and this can tire out any relationship. If she likes sex and is good at it, she will initiate by touching on a regular basis.

Flexibility. There are some aspects of sex that are like athletic contests. A woman who is in good physical condition will likely have the capacity for both flexibility and endurance. The ability to move her body in a flexible fashion can provide great thrills for you and for her. This will allow her to develop her sexual instincts to the fullest. Women who are not in shape and are carrying extra weight can enjoy sex and be very skilled at it, but it may shorten the lovemaking session because it will tire her out. It’s certainly not a dealbreaker, but a flexible and in-shape woman may be able to exhibit more endurance in lovemaking.


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Kissing. No surprise with this area being a telltale sign for good or bad sex. If you are turned on while kissing her, you will likely enjoy having sex with her. If you feel passion and heat when kissing, she is probably great at sex. If you feel like her tongue is non-existent or lifeless, the lovemaking can be an exercise in boredom. It works in the opposite direction as well. She will quickly know whether you are adventurous or scripted by the way you kiss.