Here’s a good way to make sure everybody on your block knows that school’s out for Summer. Paul Stender, the creator of such jet-powered monstrosities such as the Port-o-Jet jet-powered outhouse, has created a flame-painted school bus equipped with the same jet engine that powers our Air Forces’ F4 Phantom fighter jets. Holy hell. You can’t exactly shoot down to Home Depot and get one of those.

Stender’s creation, dubbed The School Time Jet-Powered School Bus, will debut at this year’s Vectren Dayton Airshow, and can reach the shocking top speed of 350 mph.  That’s faster than any production car.  Ever.  It boasts 42,000hp and spits a 75-foot long flame out of its rear.  Why would you build such a thing?  Stedmer has two (excellent) reasons.  The first is to entertain people because, come on, it’s a jet bus.  The second, is to keep kids off drugs.  The Dayton Daily News reports: “Jets are hot, drugs are not!’ Stender, who spent his childhood building bikes and small engines, likes to tell young people while touring with the bus.”